Here are a selection of the websites we like to play geographical related games on!

GeoguessrAn interactive game where you try to locate where in the world you are by looking at the geographical world around you and navigating. Warning- it is highly addictive! 

Purpose Games- A great site to help you study, make your own games, or just test yourself on your geographical knowledge!

Jims Pages- Match up the US states on the map

U BasicsSee where a specific location is on the other side of the world.

TravelpodCheck out how well you know the world and various aspects of it!

Sheppard softwareInteractive games and tests to learn about different countries, capitals, landscapes and oceans

Mind Picnic- Test your knowledge of the map of the world by identifying where you are when shown a segment of a map

Lizard Point- Fun map and quiz games

The Morning NewsIdentify what data different maps are showing without a legend

Start From- Click as close as possible to a given location on the map

Geography- Geography news, fun facts, skills and revision sources for students and teachers

MapmsgPlay a game of tetris for different parts of the world

Sporcle- Test your knoweldge on all things geographical

Tides and currentsNOAA interactive map of tides, currents and sea levels

World wind central- NASA's world wind database with glossaries, maps, tutorials and development tools

Click that 'hood!-Guess neighborhoods in various countries around the world

Geography Map games-  Games by continent