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Keeping up with the latest news in geography has never been so exciting. Today’s technology allows researchers to explore, observe, discover and send information at a much faster rate than ever before. To get the latest information, there are a number of different events you can go to or get the latest geographical news from top geographical websites like National Geographic and BBC Earth Discoveries.

6 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About North Korea

Discover Things That You Did Not Know
Discover Things That You Did Not Know

Even in today’s high-tech world, there are still many things we don’t know about this secluded country. In this article you’ll find some interesting information about the country, its citizens and the life they live. For example, it describes how the military does more than just defend the country. They play an integral role in daily life and work on a number of projects including infrastructure.

Why Scientists Are Listening To Insects’ Wings Flapping

In an effort to fight malaria, scientists are renewing a research program that focuses on insects’ wing beat frequency. They feel that by learning how insects communicate with each other, they will have a better understanding of them.

Voyager At 40

Where Will The NASA Spacecraft Go Next? After being launched 40 years ago, NASA’s twin Voyager spacecraft is already over 10 billion miles away with no end in sight. The Voyager is now set to leave our solar system and perhaps go on a journey that lasts longer than the life of our earth. Find out the different obstacles awaiting the spacecraft future.

Why Do Leopards Eat In Trees

Unlike other big cats, such as tigers and lions, when a leopard kills its prey it usually carries its food up into a tree to eat. This odd behavior has baffled many researchers over the years. A recent study may reveal why they do this.

This Tiny Country Feeds The World

This interesting article explains how the small country of the Netherlands has been able to become the world’s top exporter of onions,

40 Years Of Operation For Nasa's Voyager Mission
40 Years Of Operation For Nasa’s Voyager Mission

potatoes and tomatoes, and second-largest exporter overall for produce. Not only have they been able to greatly increase their crops, but they did it by using almost 90% less water and almost no chemicals.

An Island Built By Prehistoric People

Building a man-made island can be very difficult and strenuous work, even with all the high-tech machines that we have to help us. Imagine doing it 5,000 years ago. Read about an ancient civilization from Scotland and Ireland that were building artificial islands for thousands of years.

Storm Of Strange Radio Bursts Emerges From Deep Space

Are there aliens trying to communicate with us? We’ve recently received 15 powerful and fast radio waves from a galaxy that is three billion light-years away. Find out what astronomers and researcher have to say about it.

Gorillas Were Thought To Be Fairly Peaceful Animals
Gorillas Were Thought To Be Fairly Peaceful Animals

Gorillas Are No Longer Peaceful

Up until very recently, gorillas were thought to be fairly peaceful animals, unlike humans and chimps who actively seek out violence against others. However, new research shows several incidents where groups of gorillas have violently attacked a lone gorilla. What has caused this change in behaviour?

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