How Climate Change Is Reshaping Our Geography

Climate change is a present danger and refers to the gradual rise in surface temperature on the earth. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is brought about by the use of fossil fuels which leads to the release of greenhouse gases. These gases (including carbon dioxide) interfere with the blanket stratosphere of the Earth that is responsible for repelling heat rays from the sun. So instead of repelling heat rays, our changing atmospheric air composition is now trapping heat.

The result of this gradual change on our ecosystem can be seen in rising sea levels, droughts that could result in wildfires and severe weather events.

But Is Climate Change Real?

We have been warned to ignore at our own peril.

There is overwhelming scientific and empirical evidence from notable research institutes that climate change is indeed real and is almost certainly caused by humans. There is a general consensus from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration agencies that climate change is indeed real. We have been warned to ignore at our own peril.

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What Causes Climate Change?

Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel like the burning of coal and oil are the major culprit of climate change. Apart from the emission of greenhouse gases, other activities like deforestation and wild agricultural practices can contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases.

Although some of these greenhouse gases are an intricate part of our atmospheric air composition, it’s the gradual rise that has brought about climatic changes.

For example, the present level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 400ppm, a record not seen in over 400,000 years. With the advent of human civilization thousands of years ago, the level of Carbon dioxide hasn’t exceeded 300 ppm.

What Are The Effects Of Climate Change On Our Geography?

Climate changes have brought about increased sea levels from the direct consequence of melting ice caps.

Very small increases in the Earth’s temperature can have adverse effects. Over the past century the Earth’s temperature has gone up 1.5OF and if not checked will rise as high as 11.6oF in the next century.

Looking from the surface, a 1.5OF rise in temperature might not seem like much but it would interest you to note that the last Ice Age had a temperature that was 4OF lower than it is today.

Climate changes have brought about increased sea levels from the direct consequence of melting ice caps. There are more frequent storms than there used to be because of the warming Ocean temperatures. Additional rainfall leads to damaging floods that cripple city activities, wildfires from drought-prone areas threaten habitats, lives, and homes. The recent heat waves all across Europe has contributed to human deaths.

If not checked, our geographical landscape could be severely altered. Here are some notable changing geographical events happening now:

Shrinking Island Nations

Islands are not meant to float; they are the tips of mountain ranges on the sea floor. Rising sea levels could catastrophically erode some of the popular Island we know. In 2009, evacuation processes began in the Carteret Island off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

Disappearing Snows On Mountain Tops

Over 90% of Ice on Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro has disappeared without a trace.

Over 90% of Ice on Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro has disappeared without a trace. Scientist studied aerial footages, historical ice maps and by drilling ice cores within the remaining ice to determine its thickness. Although the causative effect has been attributed to Climate change it would interest you to note that the rate at which the ice has disappeared has doubled since 1970.

Retreating Glaciers On National Parks

Montana’s Glacier National Park is popular as a great hiking destination. It also has an abundance of wildlife with spectacular views for tourist. However, the glaciers are in full retreat.

There are many other examples of geographical changes brought about by Climate change. Never in the history of human existence has it become so imperative that we take our destiny in our hands to stop what is fast becoming a cancerous growth to our atmosphere.

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