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Great Discovery Is In Our Hands
Great Discovery Is In Our Hands

American Geography Portal wants to promote the fascinating world we live in, and also explain why the study of geography is so important and relevant today.

The world we live in now did not always look like it does, and will never look like this again as the Earth is forever changing. We live on an amazingly beautiful planet and it’s important that we appreciate what we have, and do as much as we can to preserve it. Geography can give us the information we need to make the best decisions in managing Earth’s natural resources in a way that will not destroy our planet.

Here we will take you on a journey to some of the most remote places on earth and visit sites that no other human has ever set foot on. Climb the tallest mountains and swim into the deepest waters with us as we also explore all the organisms that inhabit these strange, yet beautiful places.

Find out how these organisms have evolved and adapted to their surrounding environments, no matter how hot, cold, wet or dry they may be.

Studying geography is more than just about studying the earth’s places, environment, people and the relationship between them all. Geography gives us the information we need to understand our basic physical systems, such as how the sun provides the light, energy and heat needed to sustain life on Earth and how wind and ocean currents can be studied to predict the weather.

It teaches us the physical characteristics of our planet and how that affects our living conditions. Geography can also help us understand other aspects of our world, such as culture, politics and climate.

As people become more aware of their interdependence, politics plays more of a role in how the world is shaped. By understanding the particular geography of a country, state or city, one can have a better grasp of a politician’s mindset and the policies made. You’ll understand the problems they face, such as infrastructure, poverty and natural disasters. Geographical science not only influences politics, it is also influenced by politics and human behaviour.

Geography helps us have a better understanding of the different cultures around the world and the borders helped to create them. People within a certain geographical destination tend to develop common physical aspects, beliefs and characteristics. Over time, these become the base on which people begin to develop a national sense of identity. Understanding different cultures and how they came to be can help us be more accepting and understanding of change.

Geography helps us have a better understanding of the different cultures around the world and the borders helped to create them.

Understanding the climate in different parts of the world helps us locate the natural resources and minerals, such as salt, coal and metals that are needed to meet our basic living needs.

Geography can help you figure out where the best places are for growing different types of vegetables, fruits, and grains. Understanding climate is also important to the health and safety of livestock, not all animals are as adaptable as humans.

Now, with global warming affecting the Earth in more disastrous ways, it’s even more important to study and understand the Earth and geographical sciences than ever.

If we don’t understand how we are contributing to the acceleration of climate change then how will we know what changes need to be made to slow or even stop it?

Understanding geography will not only help you be more effective in the world we live in, but can also help you be a better global citizen.