Charles P. Daly Medal

Charles P Daly MedalThe Charles P. Daly Medal was established in 1902 by the will of Judge Charles P. Daly, President of AGS from 1864 to 1899. He stipulated that it be awarded by the Society “…for valuable or distinguished geographical services or labors.” The first design for this medal was the work of Victor D. Brenner, but in 1924 the dies were destroyed and the current design was executed by Brenda Putnam.


1902 Robert E. Peary
1906 Thorvald Thoroddsen
1908 George Davidson
1909 Charles Chaille-Long
William W. Rockhill
1910 Grove Karl Gilbert
1912 Roald Amundsen
1913 Alfred H. Brooks
1914 Albrecht Penck
1915 Paul Vidal de la Blache
1917 George G. Chisholm
1918 Vilhjalmur Stefansson
1920 George Otis Smith
1922 Adolphus Washington Greely
Ernest de K. Leffingwell
Sir Francis Younghusband
1924 Claude H. Birdseye
Knud Rasmussen
1925 Robert A. Bartlett
David L. Brainard
1927 Alois Musil
1929 Emile Felix Gautier
Filippo De Filippi
1930 Nelson H. Darton
Lauge Koch
Joseph B. Tyrrell
1931 Gunnar Isachsen
1935 Roy Chapman Andrews
1938 Alexander Forbes
1939 Herbert John Fleure
1940 Carl Ortwin Sauer
1941 Julio Garzon Nieto
1943 Sir Halford J. Mackinder
1948 Henri Baulig
1950 Laurence Dudley Stamp
1952 James Mann Wordie
1954 John Kirtland Wright
1956 Raoul Blanchard
1959 Richard Hartshorne
1961 Theodore Monod
1962 Osborn Maitland Miller
1963 Henry Clifford Darby
1964 Jean Gottmann
1965 William Skinner Cooper
1966 Torsten Hagerstrand
1967 Marston Bates
1968 O. H. K. Spate
1969 Paul B. Sears
William O. Field
1971 Gilbert F. White
1973 Walter Sullivan
1974 Walter A. Wood
1978 Roman Drazniowsky
1985 Wolfgang Meckelein
1986 Donald W. Meinig
1991 Robert P. Sharp
1999 John R. Mather
2011 Mary Lynne Bird