David Livingstone Centenary Medal

David Livingstone Centenary MedalThe David Livingstone Centenary Medal was founded at the initiative of the Hispanic Society of America in March 1913, on the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the great African traveler, Dr. David Livingstone.  The medal is awarded by AGS “…for scientific achievement in the field of Geography of the Southern Hemisphere.”  Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor of Mt. Rushmore, was the designer of the medal.


1916 Sir Douglas Mawson
1917 Manuel Vicente Ballivian
Theodore Roosevelt
1918 Candido Rondon
1920 William Speirs Bruce
Alexander Hamilton Rice
1923 Griffith Taylor
1924 Frank Wild
1925 Luis Riso Patron
1926 Erich von Drygalski
1929 Richard Evelyn Byrd
1930 Laurence M. Gould
Jose M. Sobral
1931 Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen
1935 Lars Christensen
1936 Lincoln Ellsworth
1939 John R. Rymill
1945 Isaiah Bowman
1948 Frank Debenham
1950 Robert L. Pendleton
1952 Carlos Delgado de Carvalho
1956 George McCutchen McBride
1958 Paul Allman Siple
1960 William E. Rudolph
1965 Bassett Maguire
1966 Preston E. James
1968 William H. Phelps, Jr.
1972 Akin L. Mabogunje
1985 James J. Parsons
1987 Calvin J. Heusser
1988 Jane M. Soons
2001 Bertha Becker