A Review Of Geographic Organizations Around The World

The study of geography is more important now than ever as the earth faces major threats from pollution, deforestation and global warming. If we don’t understand how our actions affect the earth and its inhabitants, how can we make the changes needed to preserve our world? Today there are organizations all around the world dedicated to not only studying geography, but also to using the findings to educate each other, and improve the way we treat the planet and its life. Below is a list of some of the top geographical organizations around the world.

European Geography Association (EGEA)

This organization was put together by a group of young geographers and geography students in an effort to share and exchange geographical information. The goal is to provide alternative educational opportunities to young scientist in Europe through intercultural interaction.

International Geographical Union (IGU)

This international geographical group held their first meeting in 1871 and became an established organization in 1922. The Union boasts 34 Commissions ranging from Gender Geography to Landscape Analysis.

National Geographic Society (NGS)

One of the most well-known and also one of the biggest non-profit scientific institutions in the world is located in Washington, D.C., and was started in 1888. The society publishes a number of periodicals that promotes geographical education through storytelling. They also run television networks, produced films and operate a museum in the name of geographical study.

American Geographical Society (AGS)

Started in 1851 in New York City, this organization is the oldest geographical group in America. They focus on expanding geographical knowledge in order to make better policies that affect the earth.

Société Royale Belge De Géographie (SRBG)

The Belgian Society of Geography was founded a few days before the start of the Brussels Geographic Conference in 1876, and its mission was to encourage the exploration of the different parts of the earth.  By the mid-20th century, they changed their objective from exploring to research and study.

Canadian Association Of Geographers (CAG)

This scientific society is based in Canada and focuses on advancing the study, the understanding, and the advancing of geography and all related fields. The group was founded in 1951 and now has over 1,000 members.

Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS)

This educational society was started in 1929 and funds a number of expeditions, education, lecture and research programs today. This non-profit organization, whose motto is “Making Canada better known to Canadians and the world”, is dedicated to teaching about Canada and its natural and cultural heritage, its people, and its social, economic and environmental threats.

Société De Géographie

Founded in 1821, this geographical society is the world’s oldest. Located in Paris, France, the society was part of history’s biggest moments, including the building of the Panama Canal and the Arab Congress of 1913. They also have one of the world’s oldest library, and photograph and map collections.

Society Geografica Italiana

This geographic society was founded in 1867 and is currently located in Villa Mattei, Italy. They have been publishing journals since 1868 and sponsored historic expeditions, including the one to Ethiopia by Orazio Antinori.

Royal Dutch Geographical Society

When first started, this geographic society consists of more than just geographers; their members included the commercial and political elite. They organized and funded expeditions around the world and sometimes brought military backup when traveling to questionable areas. It currently has almost 4,000 members and promotes lectures on geography in the Netherlands.

Russian Geographical Society

Located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the organization sponsors a number of different research programs, including ethnography and oceanography. They helped fund and organize the first polar stations in the country. Founded in 1845, it has 4 different departments, Department of Physical Geography, Department of Ethnography, Department of Mathematical Geography, and the Department of Statistic.

Geographical Association

Based in the United Kingdom, this society is registered as a charity and depends on the state for funding. The main focus of the group is to develop a community in which you can learn and teach geography while representing its interest to the government.

Royal Geographical Society

With over 16,500 members, this society is the number one center for geographical sciences. Started in 1830, their main purpose is to advance geographical science and has since reached millions of people around the world through lectures, publications and research groups.

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