Interesting Facts About American Geography

North America is unique in that it features a wide variety of landscapes, climates and wildlife. It’s also the world’s third-largest continent in terms of population and size. You’ll find everything from tropical beaches and dense forests, to barren deserts and frozen tundra. North America is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Besides these basic geographical facts, North America features a number of interesting geographical landmarks as well. Here, we will go over some of the amazing facts about North American geography.

nullMauna Kea, which is located in the Hawaii Islands, is the tallest mountain in the world – technically speaking. Although its visible top is only 4,205 feet above sea level, it measures over 32,000 feet from the seafloor. By contrast, Mount Everest, the tallest mountain above sea level, measures 29,028 feet high).


nullThe North American continent has 23 countries, including Canada – the largest by size, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and other Central American locations, in addition tothe United States of America, which is the most populated with around 320 million people.


nullThe deepest lake in America is located in Oregon and measures at 1,932 feet deep. Crater Lake was formed in a crater made by Mount Mazama, an ancient volcano that erupted around 8,000 years ago. Here are some other stunning geographical discoveries {{NOTE TO DEVELOPER: Kindly link “Here are some other stunning geographical discoveries” to the article “#2: 10 Of The Most Stunning Geographical Discoveries Of All Time”}

nullAlthough there are over 7,000 Caribbean islands, less than 150 of them are inhabited by humans.


nullAlaska is the northernmost, westernmost and easternmost state in the US. That may not make sense, but parts of Alaska spread out so far into the west that it reaches the eastern hemisphere.

nullAlmost 10% of Canada is covered with more than half of the world’s natural lakes.The coldest temperature ever recorded in the US was -80 F (-62 C) at Prospect Creek, Alaska, January 1971. The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States was 134 F (56 C) at Death Valley, California in July 1913.

nullDeath Valley receives the least amount of rain on the continent and is also the lowest point in the United States, measuring -279 feet below sea level. The highest point in the contiguous US, measures at 14,505 feet above sea level and is only 84 miles away from Death Valley and is also located in California. The highest point in the US is Denali in Alaska and measures at 20,310 feet above sea level.

nullThe longest coastline in the United States belongs to Alaska, with 6,640 miles of land bordering the Pacific Ocean.


nullThe biggest vertical drop from a mountain belongs to Mt. Thor in Canada. The drop measures at 4,101 feet, which would be like falling for almost a mile before hitting something!

nullThe US is made up of 50 states, with the smallest state being Rhode Island at 1,545 square miles, and the largest being Alaska at 663,268 square miles.


nullEnglish is the most commonly used language in the United States, and is the one used by the government. However, there is no official language as such.


nullAlthough Reno is located in Nevada and almost 300 miles away from the Pacific Ocean, it is still around 85 miles farther west than Los Angeles, on the Californian coast.

nullArizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, and South Carolina all have borders farther south than the northernmost part of Mexico.

nullIf everyone lived in a city as dense as New York City, the entire population of the world could fit into the state of Texas, such is the size of the US’s second-largest state.

nullIf you were in Stamford, Connecticut, you could travel in a straight line north, south, west and east and still end up in the state of New York.


nullBecause of their massive size and large populations, there are 43 buildings in New York City that have their own exclusive zip codes.


nullScientists believe that North America has been populated for about 15,000 years. They believe these indigenous peoples crossed over from Siberia when it was still connected to Alaska.

nullNorth America features all of the earth’s major biomes, which include tundra, grasslands, tropical rainforest, and desert.


nullLake Superior, which borders Canada and the United States, is not only the biggest of the five great lakes but is also the largest fresh water lake in the world.


nullThe Mississippi River, which runs 2,320 miles north to south in the US, is the fourth longest river in the world and drains 31 states.

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