Volume 100, Issue 2, April 2010


Geographical Record:

Geographical Reviews:

  • Aridland Springs in North America: Ecology and Conservation; Edited by Lawrence E. Stevens and Vicky J. Meretsky. Reviewed by Michaela Buenemann, pp. 279-281.
  • STALKING THE GHOST BIRD: The Elusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in Louisiana; by Michael K. Steinberg. Reviewed by Mikko Saikku, pp. 274-274.
  • THE TRAVAILS OF TWO WOODPECKERS: Ivory-Bills & Imperials; By Noel F. R. Snyder, David E. Brown, and Kevin B. Clark. Reviewed by Mikko Saikku, pp. 274-278.
  • SPIRITS OF THE AIR: Birds and American Indians in the South; By Shephard Krech III. Reviewed by Robbie Ethridge, pp. 278-280.
  • THE CURSE OF THE LABRADOR DUCK: My Obsessive Quest to the Edge of Extinction; By Glen Chilton. Reviewed by Mark Welford, pp. 280-282.
  • FIRST PEOPLES IN A NEW WORLD: Colonizing Ice Age America; By David J. Meltzer. Reviewed by Vance T. Holliday, pp. 282-285.
  • GALÁPAGOS: A Natural History; By John Kricher. Reviewed by Melissa Wiedenfeld, pp. 285-286.
  • WILLIAM FAULKNER AND THE SOUTHERN LANDSCAPE; By Charles S. Aiken. Reviewed by Robert N. Brown, pp. 287-289.