Bowman Expedition to the Antilles Region

The Bowman Expedition to the Antilles Region involved several teams of geographers working on diverse topics on different islands.  Teams were fielded by Louisiana State University, Hofstra University, Virginia Institute of Technology and State University, and Miami University of Ohio.

For summaries of selected studies and results see the following journal articles:

  • Fielding, Russell and Kent Mathewson.  2012.  “Queen of the Caribbees: Farming and Fishing Foci on the Island of Nevis,” FOCUS on Geography 55(4):132-139.
  • Klak, Thomas.  2012.  “Synergy between Geographical Scholarship and Study Abroad Teaching: Dominica’s Farming Communities,” FOCUS on Geography 55:125-131.
  • Potter, Amy E. and Andrew Sluyter. 2010. Renegotiating Barbuda’s Commons: Recent Changes in Barbudan Open-Range Cattle Herding. Journal of Cultural Geography 27: 129-50 (22 pp.).
  • Potter, Amy E. and A. Sluyter. 2012. “Photo-Journal of Barbuda: A Caribbean Island in Transition,” FOCUS on Geography 55: 140-145.
  • Sluyter, A.. 2009. The Role of Black Barbudans in the Establishment of Open-Range Cattle Herding in the Colonial Caribbean and South Carolina. Journal of Historical Geography 35: 330-349 (20 pp.).

Kansas State University was responsible for building and maintaining a multi-resolution, open source GIS database for the entire Antilles Region (later subsided by the Borderlands Regional GIS framework).  If you would like to know more about their work, click here.

Funded by the Foreign Military Studies Office of the U. S. Department of Defense.